Maryland Grain Producers

Farmers raising food, fiber and renewable energy

Market Development Grants


Maryland Agricultural Associates:

  • Investigating Opportunities for Maryland Grain Farmers in Cuba, Lynne Hoot, PDF report

Maryland Grain Producers Association:

National Association of Wheat Growers:

  • Advancing Wheat through Advocacy, Alliances and Innovation, $13,000, Preston Millard, website, PDF report

National Barley Growers Association:

  • Enhance and Maintain the Profitability of the U.S. Barley Industry, $1,992, Dale Thorenson, website, PDF report

National Corn Growers Association:

  • Create and Increase Opportunities for Corn Growers, $230,000, Joe Hodes, website, PDF report

Sustainable Energy Strategies, Inc.:

  • Ethanol Infrastructure Development and Promotion, $26,904, Jill Hamilton, website, PDF report

U.S. Grains Council:

  • Excellence in Exports, $75,000, Thomas Sleight, US Grains Council, website, PDF report

U.S. Wheat Associates:

  • Developing Export Markets for Maryland's Wheat Producers, $55,000, Steve Mercer, US Wheat Associates, website, PDF report

* 2018 grant awards listed