Maryland Grain Producers

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Research Projects




Chester River Association:

University of Delaware:

  • Determining the Ideal Irrigation Strategy for High Intensity Corn Production, $22,720, James Adkins, Extension,, PDF report
  • Trends in Soil Test Phosphorous and Sorption Capacity following Long-term Application of Poultry Litter and Commercial Fertilizers, $5,000, Amy Shober, Plant and Soil Sciences,, PDF report
  • Using Silicon Fertilizers to Improve Soil Phosphorous Availability in High Phosphorous, $8,500, Plant & Soil Sciences
  • Utility and Economic Returns of Fungicide Application Programs in Foliar Diseases of Wheat, $5,088, Cooperative Extension, PDF report
  • Wheat Production: Evaluation of Palisade and Alternative Fungicide Timings for Intensive Wheat, $1,944, Cooperative Extension, PDF report

Oyster Recovery Partnership:

  • Reducing Nutrients in the Chesapeake Bay through Oyster Restoration, $10,000, Stephan Abel, website, PDF report

University of Maryland:

  • Cereal/Clover Cover Crop Mixtures in Corn Production Systems, $6,000, Robert Kratochvil, Plant Science, website
  • Impact of Repeated Use of Neonicotinoid Insecticide Treated Seed in Grain Crop Rotations on Non-target Invertebrates and Soil Microbes, $18,000, Entomology, website, PDF report
  • Nitrogen Rate and Fungicide Use on Wheat Yield and Quality, $13,665, Plant Science, website
  • State Corn Test: Benchmark Hybrids, Robert Kratochvil, Plant Science, website, PDF report
  • Variety Development and Testing of Small Grains in Maryland for Higher Yields, Disease Resistance, Harvestability and Nitrogen Uptake, $16,000, Plant Science, website, PDF report
  • Winter Malting Barley Varieties and Production Practices for Yield and Quality, $6,718, Plant Science, website

U.S. Geological Survey:

  • Monitoring Field Level Groundwater Quality in the Upper Chester Showcase Watershed, $8,000, Judy Denver, website, PDF report

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University:

  • Improvement and Development of Barley for Use in Feed, Food and Fuel, $5,000, Carl Griffey, website, PDF report
  • Variety Development and Accelerated Breeding for Scab Resistance in SRW Wheat, $9,000, website, PDF report